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About US

Are you looking to get a website setup and running for the first time or need multimedia elements to promote existing content?

Whatever your development needs – we can help. At 3dom we are passionate about what we do and eager to help individuals and businesses achieve their aspirations. Our people have the technical experience in multimedia development spanning almost 10 years and therefore know the industry and how to get you where you want to go with minimum fuss. Our services range from the development of dynamically driven websites too smartphone and desktop applications for IOS, Windows and Android devices.

Underlying the products and services we provide is a strong commitment to client satisfaction. This is important because as a business our clients success is also our success.

Whatever the size and scope of the project you have in mind simply contact us so we can explore the options and head you in the right direction. It won't cost you anything to ask!

HTML5 jQuery

HTML5, Javascript, jQuery for authoring web applications

Adobe & Unity 3D

AS2, AS3 Flash and Director 12 Shockwave, Unity 3D Development for Desktops and Smartphones.

Film & Audio

High Definition Video production and post production. High quality audio production for music and sound effects.


There is apparently a distinction between designers and developers but we prefer not to blur the line between these two things.

And that's because we prefer to design first and then develop from that. So it doesn't matter how great or small the project - whether it's the design of a business logo, a flash or html5 application, or perhaps an advertorial film or audio production we can you make it happen by providing the expertise and resources so you are free to what you do best.

Web Design

We make the job or getting your website up and running - quicker and more simpler for you.

For many individuals, profit and non-profit organisations the web can be a daunting and complex affair. To start of with there are so many options - so where do you begin? and what to go with? This is where can help. Apart from providing you with a solution to the how question we also offer simple yet meaningful directions and guides that will allow you to make more clear-cut decisions from the moment you make that initial inquiry.

The over-arching reality today is that good web design companies are really information designers. Communication therefore is fundamentally important because when it comes down to it how well your website performs will depend on how well it informs.

The art of establishing relationships remains as relevant today as it ever was - so how you communicate plays a critical role in that respect and assumes therefore a common-unity or language that is intelligible between suppliers and consumers alike. How effectively your site or application informs reflects the integration of a wide range of communication elements ranging from the images, colours, font types and styles, colours as well as the choice of diction in the text included in your website. In tandem with the need for the intelligble and relevant use of symbols - Social Media today reflects another vital feature of communication. Whether that includes the integration of Social network elements for customer feedback etc. or the use of interactive multimedia elements to enable dynamic local content - 3dom Media can do all of these so that your presence on the web goes beyond the old monologue to being a dynamic and open dialogue!

Cost Effective websites

Customised websites designed for your needs but if budgetary constraints are a key factor then we offer designs starting from as low as $300.

Optimised and Responsive Layouts

We create websites that are optimised for quick downloads and responsive layouts for adjusted displays on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Relevancy and SEO Marketing

High positioning on SEs is based on relevancy. We provide the tools necessary to ensure that the underlying goal of getting your site noticed is established and developed from the very outset.

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