Fast, reliable and cost-effective webhosting

We host websites on Linux servers using Apache OS. While we cater specifically for WordPress websites our plans apply to any kind of website with or without a database.

Our hosting plans start with a Lite packacge suited for individuals or small businesses who are simply using their site to advertise themselves etc.

Next we have our blog, e-commerce plan which features access to two databases and which can be used for a Content Management System like WordPress.

If your website has a lot of content and media files then we have a higher Professional plan that will allow you to expand an existing CMS or to hold a upload more media files. See our hosting plans page for details.

We’re Big on Security

We really do care about the security and privacy of all our client sites so we regularly run diagnostics and virus checks etc. on behalf of clients in order to ensure against the likelihood of brute force attacks and the infection of files and pages that will have a negative effect on visitors and therefore the client’s site. If you start with us we will recommend the best plan option for you and discuss what to look out for in order to setup and maintain a more secure website.

SSL certicates

We offer cost effective SSL purchases and installation that will allow your website to operate using https within 4-8 hours (normal propagation time). Most websites are using our Standard SSL pack which has a valid certificate that can be used for website contact forms and for dynamic e-commerce purposes. We can however purchase and install OV and EV type certificates if you have too but for most purposes just a Domain Valid (DV) SSL will do at a much lower cost.

Our servers do allow clients to install their own SSL including free SSL from Let’s Encrypt so you are not committed to have SSL from or through us alone. If you are confident with installing SSL using cPanel then you’ll have the right tools in order to do it very quickly.


We are accessible – either by email or Chat. If the latter option says we are offline then don’t worry submit your question and we will get back to you promptly. We usually address any questions/issues within a couple of hours during normal business days and hours.

Web Design and development

We don’t normally do web design or web development unless client’s specifically request it. Generally we can help direct your attention to independent designers and developers who are reputable and professional etc. We do however offer WordPress Theme development for anyone wanting something specific to meet branding needs etc.